Prashant K. Srivastava

Editors/Reviewers of Journals

 Journal Editor

•     Editorial Board member of Environmental Processes, a Journal of Springer-European Water Resource Association (EWRA).

Journal Reviewer

•       IEEE Transaction of Geosciences and Remote Sensing

•      Remote Sensing of Environment

•       Remote Sensing Letters

•      Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

•      Journal of Hydrology

•      Journal of Hydrometeorology 

•      Hydrological Processes

•      Advances in Space Research

•     Journal of Atmospheric Solar and Terrestrial Physics

•     MDPI journals- Remote Sensing, Energies, Sensors

•      International Journal of Applied Earth Observations and Goeinformation

•      Applied Geography

•       IEEE Trans. on Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IEEE-JSTARS)

•       International Journal of Remote Sensing

•       Journal of Environmental management  

       Journal of Contaminant hydrology

•       Environmental Earth Sciences

       IEEE Sensors

      Geocarto International

•       International Journal of Climatology

•       Environmental Modeling and Software

•       Journal of Applied Remote Sensing

•       Water Air and Soil Pollution

•       Water and Environment Journal

•       Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

•       Hydrological Sciences Journal

•       Journal of Soil Science

•       Environmental Management  

•      Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

•       Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology  

•       Agricultural Science Research Journal

•       International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

•       Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science

•       Urban Water Journal

•       Seperation Science and Technology

•       Several others